Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Revelation of Sonmi 451

Cloud Atlas Poster
This weekend I saw the movie Cloud Atlas for the first time. And the second time.

As I watched the complex interplay of six stories linked across time, I was entranced by the strength of the cast, the power of the story and the beautiful cinematography. When it was over, I felt enchanted, but more confused than enlightened. I certainly wanted to see it again soon.

Watching the movie a second time the following evening, the relationships between the stories were easier to see and I realized how much the cuts between the stories clarified the overall message. The directors, Andy and Lana Wachowski and Tom Tykwer have created a film that will become a science fiction classic even though it did not do well at the box office.

Perhaps the best summary of the interplay between the stories is voiced by one of the main characters in the Revelation of Sonmi 451:

"To be is to be perceived, and so to know thyself is only possible through the eyes of the other. The nature of our immortal lives is in the consequences of our words and deeds, that go on and are pushing themselves throughout all time. Our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb, we are bound to others, past and present, and by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future."

If you are a science fiction fan and haven't seen Cloud Atlas yet, you should watch it soon. At least once.

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