Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pinhole Pro is Perfect for the Part-Time Pro Photographer

Part-time professional photographers are transforming the wedding photography market. Each year, more and more budget conscious brides select a photography enthusiast who is a friend or family member to photograph their wedding instead of a full-time professional. The pictures they take are often very good, but after the wedding, the bride is stuck with a DVD full of images and no idea how to transform them into high quality albums and gifts.

The Pinhole Pro service from Pinhole Press provides a creative solution to the bride’s desires while providing a supplementary income source to the photographer. Pinhole Pro allows a photographer to create an account to generate their own unique Pinhole Press web address. This address opens a page on the Pinhole Press store featuring “Beautifully simple photo products” targeted to the new bride. Any photo books or gifts ordered through that page generate a commission for the photographer.

To try it out, I created an account and was assigned the URL: .  Follow the link and take a look at the Pinhole products.

The Pinhole site is designed to appeal to the young urban female consumer. Each of the photo book and gift templates feature elegant graphic design and are printed on high quality fine art papers from Mohawk Fine Papers. Each product has predetermined photo sizes and placements to make the creation process simple and the final product elegant.

My personal favorites are the Panoramic books which open perfectly flat and allow the images to flow seamlessly across the center of each two page spread. I am slightly biased in this preference because these books are built using the TRU-Flat binding method developed by my company Convertible Solutions.

Pinhole Pro is an example of creativity in designing a new web business model to solve a problem for the final customer while providing a unique incentive to new channel partner.  Are there potential customers for your product with needs that are not currently being met?  How could you reach them?

                                             Example of a Wedding Cover Offered at Pinhole Pro

                        Panoramic books at Pinhole Pro allow the images to flow seamlessly across the center