Thursday, March 8, 2012

Good Enough or Great Enough?

When I meet creative professionals, particularly those who have declining revenues, I often hear about the declining tastes of the American consumer. The premise is that consumers no longer care about “professional quality” and are content with “good enough.”  Interestingly, at the same conferences, I usually meet other artists who are passionate about their unique creative vision and excited about the success they are experiencing.

I do not believe that the digital age has diminished the quality expectations of the general public. Instead, DSLR cameras, desktop design tools, desktop video editing and a plethora of design blogs have increased the quality of the work that people can do for themselves. As their own capabilities have increased, so have their quality expectations on those occasions when they choose to hire a professional.

Your audience is not looking for “good enough.”  They are looking for a difference between what they can produce and what you provide that is “great enough” to justify the price. 

David and Whitney Scott have a creative vision that can transform their morning coffee into a work of art!

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