Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cross Marketing in the Social Era

Handshake Drawing by Aiden Jones
In today’s complex economy, companies with complementary products can help each other by cross promoting each other on social media sites. Here are four easy ways to support and grow these relationships.

Create a Partners Webpage

The partners page on your website should link to other companies whose products complement yours and explain how they work together. Since customers who are at either site are probable prospects for the other, these links are particularly helpful.

Post a News Article or Blog Post

Use the news sections of your websites to post an article about how the products or services complement each other and how using both together benefits your customer. If you want a broader reach, consider posting the news release to a web news service like PRWeb.

Follow Each Other on Social Sites

Make sure the connection between your companies is visible on all the major social media sites. Like each other’s Facebook pages and follow each other on Twitter and any other sites that both companies use. Key members of each team should connect to each other on LinkedIn.

Share Content

Pay attention to each other’s social media posts and stay engaged. Hit the like button on articles you find interesting and make comments when you have something to add to the conversation. Articles with particularly useful information should be shared on your own feed.

These four steps make it clear to your customers that each company can work well with the other and will drive demand for each.

How are you using social media in your cross marketing campaigns?

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