Saturday, February 28, 2015

Thin Film Electronics Gains Momentum

OpenSense from Thin Film Electronics
Thin Film Electronics, the printed electronics company based in Oslo, Norway, is poised to benefit greatly from the Internet of Everything. Since I first wrote about the company in September, several important news items show that the company is rapidly gaining momentum.
  • Revenue Growth - Revenues for the 2014 full year grew 121% over the 2013 full year.
  • Large Orders - After shipping it's first order with a 7 digit unit quantity last year, the company has a new 13 million unit order for its Electronic Article Surveillance labels.  
  • Partnerships -The company has announced a strategic partnership with Xerox for the high-volume production and sales of Thinfilm Memory labels. This will reduce future capital requirements by leveraging Xerox manufacturing resources.
  • NFC for Bottles - OpenSense™, a near field communication sensor for bottles, is a new product improves product security and enhances consumer engagement. Now your smartphone will be able to talk to your bottle of Johnnie Walker scotch.
  • Listing on Oslo Børs - On February 27th, shares of Thin Film Electronics were listed on the Oslo Børs and a registration has been filed for an American Depositary Receipt program in the United States. This will increase the company's visibility and widen the investor base.
Each of these represent an important breakthrough. Together, they appear to be significant momentum.  I will be watching this company closely with high expectations.

What would you like your scotch to say to you?

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