Thursday, November 10, 2011

If it's Worth Doing, Do it for Others.

We offer a lot of services at the company where I work; school photography, yearbooks, specialty paper substrates, student planners, web fulfillment and now video production. This unusual diversity in services results from our belief that anything worth doing is worth doing for others.

To support marketing and manufacturing of our business units, we often find advantages to developing our own internal skills. People who work closely with our business units have a better understanding of our markets and customers than an outside service might and we feel we can react faster when we have skilled people and tools on-site.

When one of our groups does a project for an outside entity, they are exposed to challenges and requirements they might never experience within our walls. The experience and skills they develop on outside projects make them better at our internal projects as well. Sometimes these outside projects turn into significant profit centers in their own right.

Back in May, I shared a post explaining how our Convertible Solutions line of specialty printing substrates grew out of a process we developed for producing marketing fliers for our school photography sales. Our web fulfillment services also grew out of an expertise developed in supplying photo gifts to our studio customers and utilizes equipment originally installed for yearbook production.

Inter-State Video Production is our most recent group to begin offering their services independently. This group originally formed to produce training videos on Convertible Solutions binding equipment and photography training for our studio group.  As you can tell from the clips below, they do very nice work. 

What internal services could you improve by offering them to outside customers?  Could these become independent profit centers?

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