Monday, September 1, 2014

Learning About 3D Printing

Robo 3D Printer
Robo 3D Printer
3D printing, or more precisely, additive manufacturing, is one of my favorite areas of research. I believe the technology fits perfectly with the long term trends of more personalized products and shorter manufacturing runs. Here are some of the best sources for 3D printing information and news:


The Basics

How to 3D Print - Beginners Guide via 3D Printer Plans

3D Printers For Sale - A guide to consumer level 3D printers that is maintained by 3D Printer Plans

3D Printer News and Blogs

Investment Opportunities

These are publicly traded companies that manufacture 3D printers:


3D Systems Corp

Arcam AB


Voxeljet AG

Organova Holdings

 3D Printing Services





Red Eye

I feel this information is important enough that I have included it as a new page on this blog to keep it more easily accessible.

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